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All skill levels are welcome to apply. Below you can find our application procedure and introductory program information.
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Jedi Training Camp

Join us for fun-filled mornings of organized martial arts, games, and activities!!
Jedi Training Camp 2020: Spring Break and Three Summer Sessions

It's time to start planning for Jedi Training Camp for Spring and Summer 2020! This year we will offer three weeks for specific age ranges in the summer, as well as one week during spring break (April 27 to May 1) with different days for different ages.

Enrollment during each of these camps will be limited, so call or email early to reserve your spot. The price for a week of summer camp is $130 for the first family member. Additional siblings get a 10% discount. The price for the Spring Break session is $30 per day.


We have a great program ready with a wide range of fun activities providing fun and exciting new experiences and challenges for Jedi padawans.


Jedi need skills in problem solving, teamwork, strategy, agility, and the martial arts, not to mention advanced lightsaber skills. Karate students make great Jedi padawans, and padawans who finish this summer training are off to a great start as Karate students.

Jedi Camp Weeks:


​    Spring Break:   APRIL  27 - MAY 1

            Monday Tuesday:  Ages 6 and under

            Wednesday Thursday:  Ages 7 - 9

            Friday:  Ages 9 and up 

    Spring Daily Schedule:  9am - 12pm

    Early Drop-off:  8:30am


    Summer 1:   JUNE  22 - 26    Ages 6 and under

    Summer 2:   JULY  13 - 17    Ages 7 to 9

    Summer 3:   JULY 27 - 31   Ages 9 and up

    Summer Daily Schedule:  9am - 12pm

    Early Drop-off:  8:30am

Sample Jedi Training Activities:


  • Basic Lightsaber training for Jedi padawans

  • Lightsaber challenges and races

  • Karate Lessons

  • Obstacle Courses

Teamwork, Strategy, and Problem Solving Games:

  • Team creativity and problem solving challenges

  • Giant Chess, Jenga, and Checkers

  • Games of truth and deceptions

  • Beanbag Toss, Musical Chairs, Sensei Says

Cost for Summer Includes:


  • 5 Days of Fun-Filled Activities

  • Pizza on Fridays

  • Upon Completion of Summer Camp: 
    2 free karate lessons


  • Drop-off as early as 8:30am

  • Pick-up no later than 12:00pm


  • $130 for 5-Day Program



  • Lightsabers will be provided free of charge during the course of the program

  • Optional: Lightsabers are also available for purchase ahead of the program. Contact us for details.

    • Personal Lightsabers must be ordered at least 4 weeks before the start of the selected camp week.



  • Bring your own snack and drink

  • Wear regular clothes (No need for official uniform)

    • (Jedi outfits allowed and encouraged!)


  • Campers are dropped off by 9:00am (as early as 8:30am), and stay until 12:00pm. During the morning, we will have karate and lightsaber classes, take a break with a snack, and play organized games.

  • The program runs for 5 days, Monday through Friday.

  • Space is limited.



By registering for this camp you release the Randall School of Karate LLC from any and all liability should an accident occur while at the camp. You agree to share information on any allergies and medical conditions that instructors and staff should be aware of before starting any camp activities.

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