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All skill levels are welcome to apply. Below you can find our application procedure and introductory program information.

Eight-Week "Effective Self-Defense" Program

A special, sixteen-lesson program to learn and practice self-defense techniques
Effective Self-Defense

Want to feel more confident and secure as you enjoy your daily life? Reduce your concerns about bullies, criminals, and other threatening people by taking some time to learn self-defense. We make it easy and fun, and will give you a good workout in the process.


In this program, we teach people to effectively defend themselves using only their bodies and their wits. To do this, we focus on three things:


Mind -- teaching techniques that will really work against a larger and stronger assailant, and suggesting clever tricks that can help to create and exploit a chance to escape from a dangerous situation.

Body -- training and practicing the techniques so that they can be done strongly and effectively by muscle memory, even when you are surprised or scared.

Spirit -- building the confidence and belief that you can take steps to help yourself, even if you are in the process of also caling 911.


We teach our students to

  • Avoid risky situations

  • React to threats

  • Respond to attacks

  • Escape from dangerous situations


A program like this requires more than a session or two over a weekend. Our self-defense program is based on 16 classes, usually done over an 8 week period. We adjust our classes to accommodate the ability and fitness level of the student. This means that we teach you things that you can do, whether you are big, small, young, or old. So that you gain you gain confidence that you can use what you learn when you need it, we practice full strength against bags and targets like Ukeman (see video below). For those who want to work hard, this can be an amazingly good workout.

























Self-defense is for use at work or on the street, so we practice in regular clothes (no Karate uniforms.) Just be prepared to move freely and perspire a bit.


Our self-defense classes are scheduled by appointment. Each class is $15. You can pay for classes as you take them, or you can pay $199 up front for all 16 classes (17% discount.)


To Get Started:


Call or visit the school to set up your first class.

The program uses the "Ukeman" developed by Sonny Charles, as shown in this video:

Randall School of Karate is currently the only place in the world where you can use an Ukeman training system.

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