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All skill levels are welcome to apply. Below you can find our application procedure and introductory program information.

About Our Headmaster

Bruce Randall, 6th Dan

Bruce Randall is a life-long student of martial arts, having studied Shotokan Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Uechiryu Karate. Bruce began his Uechiryu Karate training at the Buzz Durkin Karate School in Atkinson, NH. He was promoted to Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in 2005. Most recently, he was promoted to the master rank of Rokudan (6th degree Black Belt) in 2022, as a certified master instructor (Shihan - 師範).


Bruce enjoys teaching students of all ages. He spent six years as Cub master for a Cub Scout pack, and taught advanced software development practices to software professionals around North America. He was an assistant instructor at the Buzz Durkin Karate School, working with all ages and levels of students. Bruce led trips of middle-school students to Mexico and Spain during which he taught the students about the history and culture of the places they visited.

Bruce has a long history of coaching, beginning with his AAU swim team, for which he served as an assistant coach in high school. More recently, Bruce was an Apline Ski Racing coach at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH.


Bruce is the proud father of two grown sons. He lives with his wife and dog in southern New Hampshire.

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